The FarmBox

Grow With NO Limits, Infinite Scalability

The FarmBox can be immersed in any climate and will perform with optimal efficiency and maximum output. The FarmBox offers a 100%-controlled environment for the cultivation of many different types of produce. Units can be controlled from the palm of your hand with industry leading technology, giving farmers control of temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.

FarmBoxes can be stacked five containers high and and infinite amount can be placed side by side. The easy scalability makes growing an operation extremely easy and cost efficient.

Commit To Global Sustainability, While Protecting The Bottom Line

The FarmBox is the most energy-efficient turnkey hydroponic system on the market. With the use of the newest technologies, the FarmBox uses 91% less water and 75% less energy than traditional systems. Farmers can not only cut back on valuable resources but also turn a profit and increase reliable output.  The high efficiency equipment, and special configuration of the FarmBox enables optimal yields, which lead to profits.

If interested in specific cost and output breakdowns please contact us.

Farm-To-Table Trend

The FarmBox gives restaurants, grocers, and farmers the opportunity to bring their customers farm-to-table produce at the highest degree.  FarmBox units can be immersed in the most rural or urban areas, and can supply the community with farm fresh produce all year long. The FarmBox allows you to bring the farm to the customer. 

Interested In Growing With A FarmBox?